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Midwest Technical Recovery Team

Community Involvement

When not assisting in recovery efforts MTRT members donate their time to area schools. Students have the opportunity to experience scuba diving in a safe controlled environment, as members share their diving expertise in student classroom settings. Local companies have donated money and equipment which add to the level of outreach in the community.




Community Involvement

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 Local High School Special needs students enjoy scuba diving with the help of MTRT members.


 Team members get students geared up for the dive.


MTRT scuba instructors teach the use of equipment and safety in the water.


 A local scuba shop supported the MTRT and a great day was had by all.


Students receive safety training from MTRT member instructors before getting suited up.


 Members suit up special needs students in new dive skins donated by Bruno's Dive Shop.


This group is ready to hit the pool!   Support from companies allow the MTRT to increase the kids' experience. 


MTRT volenteer members and students pose for photos after a great diving experience.


 An MTRT member teaches elementary students about water safety and diving.

Dakota HS 2008     

The kids learned a lot and had a fun educational experience.